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I Learned to Be a Professional Tax Preparer

I had some friends ask me to help them do their taxes after they found out I had been doing my own taxes since I was a teenager. I stay up on the latest tax code changes. That kind of stuff was not hard for me. I would do taxes manually using forms and brochures. I never got questioned or had an audit. When more friends asked for help, I bought tax software for professionals tax preparers and took some classes. I started my own tax preparation business.

My first clients were just individuals and married couples as I spent a couple of months brushing up on business and corporate tax law. Continue reading

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Socks for the Entire Family

My grandmother decided to give everyone socks for their birthday this year. She has some kind of thing about cold feet, and didn’t want us to have that, so she found a website where she could make personalized pet socks using a picture of her dog. My birthday was just a few weeks ago, so I got them in the mail around that time. When I took a good look at them, they looked kind of funny, but they were also cute. I tried the socks on, and they were a perfect fit. My grandmother has a way with knowing our sizes.

I called my grandmother thank her for the socks and she was glad that I liked them. I wanted to get something for her to show my appreciation, but I didn’t have a dog of my own to use for socks. Then I had a good idea. Continue reading

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I’m Still Wary Working Up on High Roofs

I work maintenance for a big building. There are about 50 of us who work round the clock inside this building. We have guys that do most of the work outside and on the roof, and I was not one of those guys. It is a flat roof, and it is windy up there. I was only up there once to call a guy down whose radio was not working. I prefer being inside. Then I was tasked to fix an air handling unit up on the roof, and I had to learn the wind resistant demarcation path instructions and everything.

Up on the roof there are walkways that are laid down over the roof surface. They have upright posts with heavy square rubber bases that support chains. You do not step off of the demarcation paths, or go beyond the chains. Continue reading

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Tesla Cars Are Smart to Use Aluminum

Dad bought a Tesla and while we were doing research on the car we saw something about extrusion of aluminum. Aluminum, as well know, is an extremely lightweight metal used in a wide range of goods and manufacturing materials. You use it to wrap food. I knew they used it in cars because I’ve had vehicles with parts made from aluminum, but I didn’t realize Tesla was really using the stuff. It makes sense considering you’re trying to make a car that doesn’t run on fossil fuels. Electricity can only move so much weight and it doesn’t do nearly as well as gasoline.

When he got the car we went out to take a look at it and it’s amazing how much of it is made out of extruded aluminum. It’s amazing technology has advanced enough where you can use it in so many ways in a vehicle. I was a bit worried about a car crash and whether aluminum is durable enough to withstand a severe impact. Continue reading

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It Almost Fell on My Kids While They Were Playing!

We had a really big storm a few weeks ago, and it rocked the trees around our little house pretty bad. One of them looked a bit rough afterwards, but hubby assured me it would be okay and it was still pretty stable. He ended up being horribly wrong, but thankfully I was paying attention. The kids were playing on the trampoline and I saw the tree about to fall over so I yelled for them to get down. I called a tree service in Nassau County to come and remove the tree from our property.

While we were waiting for the tree guy to come the largest tree branch at the top of the tree came free and crashed onto the side of the trampoline. Luckily we have an enclosure on it and it bounced off of the mesh siding. I’m really glad my kids weren’t on that trampoline when it happened, and I’m really glad it didn’t ruin the trampoline in any way.

My kids love to play on their trampoline, by themselves, and with the neighbor children. They do flips and see how high they can jump. Continue reading

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Turns a Golf Course Restaurant Around

I was hired as a manager for a restaurant in the clubhouse of a golf course. The dining area was filthy by my standards. It passed inspection by the health department, but it looked awful. If your carpet at home looked like the carpet in the dining room, you would be appalled. My boss said that there was no money for replacement, but I talked him into budgeting for some commercial carpet cleaning. He thought it would be a lost cause to even bother. The green carpeting was literally black from dirt in the high traffic areas. It looked like a race track where people walked, especially at the entrances.

I was holding out hope that the commercial carpet cleaning company we hired could at least lighten up the black areas and make the whole carpet look better. They ended up doing an excellent job. Much more appealing than what I thought possible. The color of the carpeting in the high traffic areas that was covered over by dirt actually came back. They used their concoctions of cleaners and brighteners to get rid of the stains and make the whole carpet look amazingly better. Continue reading

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You Can Make an Appointment

Someone told me that I could actually go and make an appointment with the condos that were available for sale. I wanted to go and look at three condos that were for sale, but they all had open houses on different days and I was really trying to find time to go while they were open and I could not make it. A friend told me to get a real estate agent and go and look at the condos with the agent by appointment. I called to look at the one at parc esta condo complex and I wanted to see it with one of my friends so we called the person that was the listing agent and told her that we wanted to go and look at it and she told me that was going to be fine and I was glad that she was going to help me.

My friend and I got there and it was one of the nicest ones that I had seen, even online. I had been looking for a long time because my current lease was going to be up and I was going to have to either let them know that I was moving or I had to sign on the dotted line so that I could stay longer. I was really nervous to go and look at the other two because they were really were going to have to be something really nice in order for me to forget about the first one and I was right. The second one was really not so clean and I could not ever imagine living there and the third one was worse. I found someone to help me navigate and make an offer and now it is my new condo, I am so happy.

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The Best Battery Charger for Me

I knew it was finally time to buy a battery charger not that long ago. I was just getting too many power tools added to my collection, and it would definitely come in handy. The only problem was that I had never purchased one before. I knew that I needed an 18v charger, but that was it. I am a firm believer that with any product, there are good brands and bad ones. That is the main reason I wanted to find a site that had an 18v battery charger review for different brands. I read so many good things about the Ryobi battery charger, and I knew that was the one I was going to get for a number of reasons.

Even something as simple as the color was important to me. I did not want anything that was a solid black color. Continue reading

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I Am a Female Who Works Hard to Make My Business Work

We had some terrible weather that lasted several weeks in our area. Then, one night, there was a horrific storm that caused damage to a lot of properties. I own quite a few rental units, and I was unable to handle all the cleanup afterward, so I had to get some help with home cleaning services in Singapore so that I could try to stay in control. When I tried to tackle everything without any help, it was easy to see that I was going to get further behind if I tried to go it alone. I can be very stubborn, but I’m not stupid. Simple math showed me that it would be less costly to hire someone to help, but even more costly if I remained stubborn enough to continue to try to do it on my own.

Most women I know personally do not have the luxury of owning rental properties. I own 5 of them, and I have them thanks to my parent’s money that I inherited. I had always been a good worker, but had never really saved money on my own. Continue reading

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Betting It All on the Brain

My son sometimes likes to make bets with the other kids, even though I often tell him not to do it. He once made a bet with a kid where he would beat him in a foot race for a pair of shoes. He won the race, but I made him give back the shoes. Most recently, he bet a kid that he would get a higher grade in physics, and put his favorite gaming console on the line. He thought physics would be easy, but it was harder than he expected, so I went to https://physicstuitionsg.com to get a tutor for him.

I told my son that since he made another bet after I told him not to, I would take his video game system away for two months. He’s going to have to learn to obey my rules or face the consequences. Continue reading

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Using a Hack to Get Ahead in Forge of Empires

My 12-year-old son has discovered the game Forge of Empires and seems to play it during a lot of his free time. He plays the game on his phone and absolutely loves it. I overheard him talking to his sister one day and was complaining about how long it takes him to get diamonds, coins and other tools in the game. She told him that she heard about a hack for Forge of Empires that will allow him to instantly generate the diamonds, coins and supplies needed in the game. He got so excited and started searching the internet for the hack.

I myself don’t play this game and had no idea what they were talking about but it must be something helpful because of the excitement he displayed. At dinner that night I brought up what I overheard the children talking about. It was kind of funny because they looked at each other with a look of alarm on their faces and then looked at me to see what kind of expression I had on my face. Continue reading

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Patiently Waiting Saves Me Money

I have had the same smartphone for nearly six years now. It used to be a joke with my friends, but they found out that I was the one getting the last laugh. While they were busy buying new phones every single year, I was saving money by using the one that I had since nothing was wrong with it. They had newer phones, but they also paid a lot of money for them too. Unfortunately, I knew that I was going to have to look at Cyber Monday cell phone deals 2017 because my phone has really started acting up lately.

It still does everything that I need it to do, which is mainly phone calls and texting. I do have some apps on there but not many because it is just too old to support a lot of them. What made me realize that I needed a new phone was when I had to start charging it twice a day, and it would still be dead again at the end of the day. I needed a phone that can keep a charge much longer than that, but I did not want to pay an outrageous fortune for it either. Continue reading

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I Love That I Have a Relative Who Cares About Me

When I go to the community center in my town I always stop to look at the plaques on the wall that give honor to the veterans who are well known around town. When my Uncle Horace died, I knew that I wanted to find a place that makes custom Jewish bronze plaques in NJ so that I could put a really nice one on the wall at the community center. I knew that they would pay for one, but I felt that it would be best to donate one to them because of all the activities and other things they offer at a low cost to people in our city.

My uncle and I would often go to the community center on weekends when I was growing up. Sometimes we would go to Simply participate in a chess game or a card game with other people. Other times we would play table tennis or watch a movie with everyone else in the common area. After spending a couple of hours there, he would walk me home and then he would sit for a bit with my parents. These are some of my fondest memories with my uncle. He and I were very close from the time I was a small child all the way up to the point that I became an adult.

At some point, I found a job in another state and needed to move away. I couldn’t see my uncle as much, but we kept in touch often. I always spent time with him when I went back home, too. I credit him with a lot of my good sense, and I think he deserves to be honored as a vet with a plaque. Everyone I know loves him, and I don’t know what I would have done without him.

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DWI Lawyer Leads to Help when Needed Most

An old high school friend and I had recently reconnected on social media and agreed to meet at a bar in our home town for a few drinks and discussion of the good old days. I was shocked to how much Susan had changed and was instantly thinking a bar was the last place Susan should be. She told me not to worry as she had a dwi lawyer in Saratoga NY on speed dial, but was going to be careful because her next offense would mean the loss of her driver’s license.

It seemed the inspirational messages and happy face Susan had portrayed on her social media pages were all just a facade. She had been in an unhappy marriage for many years and with her kids all grown and out of the house, she had turned to drinking. I was happy she felt comfortable enough to confide in me, but terribly sad at hearing how her days were spent. Continue reading

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Delivering Flowers to the Customers

I started a business of selling flowers from a shop in Jakarta. A lot of people come to the shop each day to get my flowers, but I figured I could be making a lot more money by bringing flowers directly to people who can’t make it to the shop. The problem with that idea was that I didn’t have a vehicle to make the deliveries. I almost scrapped my idea, but then something happened. That’s when I came up with a plan for using sewa mobil pick up in Jakarta to have the flowers delivered.

I worked out a schedule of when I would start taking orders and when they would be delivered. Continue reading

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Becoming an Effective Leader Takes Work

Business is a funny thing if not handled properly. One day, a company can be a household name, and the next day it can end up filing for bankruptcy. These things might seem like they happen overnight because of how people on the outside see it, but it is a very gradual process that is typically a result of poor management. That is why I wanted to look into top leadership development programs before I even began to consider who I wanted on my management teams. I have a fairly large company that has seven branches and a total of nearly 800 workers. Continue reading

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From Tone Body to Muscle Man

I always found it hard to build muscle. I would occasionally lift weights and use weight machines the gym, but all it really did was make me tone. I tried some workout programs, but they were mostly packed with cardio workouts and aimed more at people who were looking to lose weight. I wasn’t fat or needed to shed pounds. In fact, I was particularly thin. I just wanted to add muscle to my frame. It wasn’t until I started doing the Body Beast schedule that I was able to get the results that I wanted for so long.

The schedule was a lot of hard work, but that was expected. Continue reading

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A Golfing Contest with My Girlfriend

My girlfriend Jooeun is very competitive. Everything that she does is a competition. She always to prove that she is the best at everything. She is passionate about golf. It is her life. She has been playing golf since she was seven years old. Her parents taught her the sport since she was a little girl in South Korea. She has been in love with it ever since. Recently, she had a tragic event happen to her. Some evil thief stole her golf clubs. They took a Callaway forged copper wedge. This was her favorite golf club. She was so devastated. As her boyfriend, it was my mission to find the clubs and bring the thief to justice.

Jooeun’s clubs had her name engraved in them with Korean symbols. Continue reading

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The Perfect Gift for Hani

I love my Hani so much. She is the epitome of beauty. I knew that I was truely blessed since the day that I met her. She has always been there when I needed her. Even in my darkest moments, she always manages to put a smile on my face. Last week was Hani’s birthday. I wanted this birthday to be very special for her. My goal was to show her how much I appreciated her love and support. I decided to a pair of earrings with amethyst gemstones. Amethyst is her birthstone. I knew that she would like them.

Hani and I have known each other since we were kids. We started off as very good friends. I remember the first day I met her. I was new to our school. I was nervous, but Hani made me feel so welcome. We became like siblings. Continue reading

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A Safer Approach to Breast Enhacement

Wanting to look your best is natural and there are many products and procedures available to women to accomplish this. The major problem with this tends to be not just the cost of these products, but the inherent danger that many of them pose as well. When thinking about an procedure such as a breast enlargement surgery, too few think about the risks involved. It is a major surgery and it comes with dangers, and some have suffered because of major complications. It is much safer and wise to use natural remedies such as a breast enhancement supplement and cream to get natural results that pose no risk to your health.

Many women want their breasts to look as good as possible. In many ways, it is a confidence builder and for some, it is important enough that they are willing to have surgery to enhance or further shape their breasts to get them looking exact how they want. Continue reading

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Understanding the Benefits of Naturaful

One of the things that I liked best about the Naturaful review that I had read was that it was not only able to enhance breasts but the cream also helps to make them firm as well. I had heard that some people who want to have bigger breasts are able to achieve that, but that the end result is not as firm as what they had hoped to have. While I did want to have a bigger bust, I certainly did not want a flabby one. I would have much rather just kept what little I did have.

I liked other things about the review I read on Naturaful too. I am the type of person who always wants to read reviews on something I have not tried before, whether it is perfume, food, a book, or something like a breast enhancement cream. Continue reading

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Moving to Australia Completes My Dreams

Australia is a beautiful country. I know this because I call it home, but I was not born here. The first time I came here was with my parents when I was just around seven years old. It left quite the impact on me even then though, and I knew that I wanted to return again. I got that second chance when I was 14 years old, and then again three more times before I was 20. I did a search after my eighth trip there on immigration Australia because I wanted to see how hard, or easy, it would be to move there for good. Continue reading

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